Repair Shop

Our window repair shop features a state-of-the-art facility, the latest diamond milling and automated acrylic polishing equipment, and customized tooling and jigs. We continually reinvest in our people and equipment to ensure we always have the tools and expertise necessary to meet the needs of our customers. Our in-house equipment includes:

  • Diamond milling machine
  • Automated acrylic polishing equipment
  • 4 axis mill/digitizer capable
  • Autoclave for small composite structures
  • Customized tooling and jigs


We carry an extensive inventory of new, OEM-rebuilt and overhauled windows. In fact, we have more than $4 million in window inventory on hand, giving us the largest window exchange pool in the world. Our diverse inventory enables our industry-leading Turn Around Times which, in turn, allow our customers to minimize their own inventory investment.

The expertise of our people, the capability of our equipment, and our on-hand inventory levels have produced a customer-driven window maintenance program with the lowest possible Turn Around Times, impeccable quality and performance, and the best overall value in the industry.

Avionics Shop

The technicians in our Avionics Shop bring years of experience in avionics and instrument repair. They are highly customer-driven, have worked together for many years and bring dedication and expertise to every job, backed by our continual commitment to quality systems and reinvestment in our facilities and equipment.

Our technical staff follows industry-established quality standards in all work and stays abreast of current technological developments. Their expertise is the key to our excellent quality assurance record.