Each of our Avionics Technicians has more than 20 years experience in aircraft avionics and instrument repair. This deep expertise translates to high quality repairs and an outstanding value for our customers.

Pacific Aero Tech is an approved Warranty Repair Facility for Gables Engineering and ELTA emergency locator transmitters and control boxes. We have been supporting Boeing production aircraft for more than twenty years. We also support product lines from Bendix/King, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell and Sperry.

Download our Avionics Capabilities List. (PDF | Excel)

Control Boxes

Gables Engineering, Inc. has issued a Certificate of Appointment certifying Pacific Aero Tech as an authorized Warranty Repair Facility. Since 1946 Gables Engineering has been a leader in the design and manufacture of avionics controls. Pacific Aero Tech has been working with Gables Engineering since 1988 to ensure customer satisfaction with the product line.

Some of the Gables products we have supported over the years: (PDF | Excel)

Learn why Gables Engineering selected Pacific Aero Tech:
"Pacific Aero Tech has been supporting Gables equipment and customers for over 12 years. In that time, their knowledge of the product and dedication to the customer has been an important element in Gables' success at increasing our business at Boeing. I believe one of the primary reasons Pacific Aero Tech is so good at supporting the customer is that the employees are incredibly skilled and committed. On more than one occasion, employees have taken steps that by any measure are well beyond what is considered reasonable in an effort to help the customer.

"I have been asked many times why Gables does not utilize the services of one of the larger multi-national avionics repair organizations. The reasons are simple: customers speak highly of the support provided by Pacific Aero Tech: the quality of repair is outstanding; and Pacific Aero Tech is very easy to work with.

"I highly recommend Pacific Aero Tech to any customer looking to improve the quality of their repair service, and eliminate the hassles that often accompany dealing with large third party repair facilities. There is not a finer organization, or a finer group of people to work with in the industry."

Kevin P. Ryan
Director of Customer Service
Gables Engineering

Emergency Locator Transmitters

Pacific Aero Tech is an authorized warranty repair facility for ELTA Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs). Located in Blagnac, France, ELTA is the world leader in the design and production of ELTs. Significant features of the ELTA transmitters include:



  • 3 Frequencies: 121.5 / 243 / 406 MHz
  • 3 Versions:
    • Automatic & Portable (AP Type)
    • Automatic Fixed (AF Type)
    • Survival (S type)
  • Can be coded with any COSPAS - SARSAT Protocol
  • JTSO & TSO Approved
ELTA transmitters are currently used on the following aircraft:
  • Commercial
    • Airbus (all models)
    • ATR
    • Boeing (all models)
    • Bombardier
    • British Aerospace
    • DeHavilland
  • General
    • Bell
    • Cessna
    • Eurocopter
    • Sikorsky
  • Military
    • Casa
    • Dassault Mirage
PAT has repair capability for the following ELTA products:
  • ADT406 Series
  • A06 and S06
  • A06T
  • A06V2
  • 93N6035
  • 9260065
  • 94N6097
  • 94N6576
  • 95N6088
  • 95N6089
  • 96N9030
  • 97N902x
  • 01N65900
  • 01N65910
  • 01N65920