Aircraft Transparencies

Cockpit Window Assembly Repair & Overhaul

Window Assembly Refurbishment

Window & Tail Lenses

Avionics & Instruments

Control Boxes

Emergency Locator Transmitters

Pacific Aero Tech offers you full cockpit and passenger window repair capability as well as avionics and instrument overhaul and repair for major commercial, regional, and military aircraft. Our highly experienced technical experts bring unparalleled dedication to every job. This expertise is backed by our continual commitment to quality systems and an ongoing reinvestment in facilities and equipment.

Our technical staff follows the highest industry-established quality standards throughout the process (purchasing, workmanship traceability, paperwork, etc) with up-to-date knowledge of the most recent advances and technological developments using late generation milling and polishing equipment.

To meet your needs and ensure that your fleet is in a constant state of readiness, we offer 24/7 AOG service.