The McNally Group is a collection of independent companies that serve the defense and commercial aerospace industries (OEM and aftermarket) with a common commitment to quality, value and customer service. McNally Group's capabilities include a wide spectrum of services including design and re-engineering; program management; complex assembly and testing; maintenance, repair and overhaul; precision machining and a wide variety of ancillary processes. Because of the demanding industries they serve, each of our operating companies maintains rigorous quality management systems and is certified, as appropriate, to AS9100, ISO 9002-8000 and FAR-145 standards, among others.

Customers including the United States Navy, Army and Air Force, Orbital ATK, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, General Electric, Rolls Royce, United Airlines, Federal Express, UPS, KLM and Southwest Airlines depend on McNally Group's award-winning teams to provide superior value across a broad spectrum of products and services. A core element of the McNally Group culture is to constantly improve performance, efficiency, service and the value it provides to its customers.

The McNally Group will continue to expand its service offerings through both internal development and targeted acquisitions. Please see Acquisition Criteria for the types and size of companies that fit our growth template. By leveraging the collaboration between the independent companies that make up McNally Group, we are able to reduce costs and enhance systems.

Please visit McNally Defense, McNally Aerospace and McNally Aftermarket for more information.